Monday, March 14, 2011

Sailor Girl

Favorite photo of the week - starring Helena as the sailor girl.

A lil' bit of cute tunes to go with the eye candy. I wish I could find a higher quality video but these gals are too cute to pass up.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

On The Fence

Monica Moon
Makeup by Clara Kim
Photo by me

One of my closest friends and dear to my heart. An aspiring actress with a wonderful personality.  I love this girl as a sibling and she has one of the best smiles around time.  Not only she is generous with herself but she is generous with her time, always willing to help out a stranger or a friend. 

How can anyone be so awesome all the time you ask?  Well she sometimes does make strange monkey faces  and inhales a scary intake of food. But aside those strange qualities she is positive, upbeat, hardworking, and one of the best people I know.  Still on the fence about her and want to know more? Check out her facebook page and add her as a friend.  

I <3 Monica!