Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Barney The Tapeworm Sneak Peeks

People somehow can't understand how a good friend of mine can pack away so much food and constantly be eating. As a joke she told inquirers that she has an imaginary tapeworm whom she named Barney. 

She created quite the personality with it and even a Facebook profile.  I found it to be utterly amusing so when she asked me to create an avatar for Barney I was pleased to embody Barney into a visual representation of her imaginary tapeworm.

Barney is a quite the simple creature.  Always hungry, constantly awaiting his next meal. He's extremely ecstatic about food and when finally fed his status updates are filled with glee. 

This is Barney with a bowtie (the one used currently as his avatar) and the owner (my friend) put this as the caption:
"This is me when I'm getting ready to go out someplace fancy for dinner! 
Gotta look fly for the laaaydeeees, you know? How YOU doin'?"

Now I realized that Barney can't just have one outfit.  There are many holidays he will be celebrating so as a special sneak peek I'll let you see his winter outfit.  This is good for the cold nippy nights especially when it gets closer to Christmas.

To the right is Barney's Valentine's avatar.  Although it's a couple months in advance you can never get too ahead when it comes to fashion.  I wanted to put a heart tattoo on Barney with the word "Food" in the middle but I realize that Barney might have a change of heart and put a different name in the middle. When it comes closer to time I'll ask him if he's sure about the tattoo.

As you can see I'm having way too much fun with this :)  Drop a line in the comment box if you have any great ideas for Barney the Tapeworm outfits.  I plan on doing a Halloween, New Years, St Patrick's, Easter, pretty much all the major holidays throughout the year.  If you find this whole Barney the Tapeworm persona just as amusing then add him on Facebook!  While you're at it, add me too!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Camera Phone Photography

I have decided to give camera phone photography a try. 

I only used the camera on my Droid here and there for documentation purposes but never really considered using it for artistic means.  A good friend of mine, Clara takes eye catching photos with her iPhone (mostly food) which she uploads on a daily basis via her Facebook gallery. I was once again reminded how cool iPhone cameras images can come out to be when I stumbled upon H3NR7's blog (beautiful photos right?) and was further convinced when I saw that Chase Jarvis took astounding photos with his iPhone. Who would have thought a camera phone can capture that?  The app they both used (Clara and H3NR7 - not sure if Jarvis uses it) is called Hipstamatic but unfortunately it is not available for the Android market.

I did a bit of research and decided to give these following apps a try: 

Camera Illusion
Photo Illusion

This will be an interesting project.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Silhouetted palm trees stretching in the Socal twilight. Mid-City, LA.
I leaned against his living room window and stared out into the evening.  Yet another beautiful summer sunset...I must capture it before the seasons change.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bow Wow

I am constantly amazed by how well behaved Mojo is.  He was giving Mojo a haircut and once again Mojo just sat there staring off into doggy outer space.  Snip snip snip as  I stared at Mojo and he just stared back with his big shiny eyes.  So entrancing those big shiny bulbous eyeballs. Sometimes I wonder what that silly dog ponders.